August 31, 2011

OOW: Hearts A Flutter

Hello! As you may remember last week I went on a little rant about how I have run out of inspiration for my outfits since getting to Australia. It wasn't my shiniest moment, but sometimes you just need to get things out in the open and hope that maybe inspiration will come after!  Lucky for me....IT DID!

The morning after my little episode when getting dressed, I challenged myself to pick out pieces that I have never worn together and make a cute outfit.   I must say it was A SUCCESS!!!

I got my hair(s) cut!

After thinking about it all morning until I finally had to get dressed I picked two of my favorite items and put them together to make one of my new favorite outfits.  Drummmmmm Roooollllll PPPPLEEAASE..

Everything from Target except my vans!
I have worn this dress tons, but never with anything under it like this. I have worn things over it and made it look like a skirt, but I don't know why it didn't cross my mind to wear it with a shirt under it. The way I am wearing it now is casual, but put on a nice black flat (or heel) and a cardigan and it is ready for the office!

One of my favorite things about the outfit is how the sleeve looks. I can be a sucker for cap sleeves and little pouffy sleeves. I wish I had more shirts with cute sleeves in my closest, then I could wear them almost every day. 

I love my vans!
I decided to wear my vans with this outfit, not because they haven't left my feet since I landed in Australia three weeks ago, but because they are a cute comfy shoe! Dave and I had a day of grocery shopping and beach exploring ahead of us and I wanted to make sure my feet could keep up since we walk EVERYWHERE!  My friend's mom, whom she is nice enough to share with me, bought these shoes for me right before we left and I am soooo grateful to have them. They are super cute, comfy, and can go with pants or dresses!

Now my challenge to you!

Look in your closest and create a whole new outfit out of pieces you have never put together and let me know what you came up with!
( You never know you just might have fun!)

If you need some inspiration I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday where you can find others and what they are wearing!

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