April 18, 2012

.What WE Wore: Errands.

Errands, sometimes we love doing them and sometimes we hate them. Me, it all depends on the day, but usually I like running errands because they make me feel productive. Does this make me sound very lame?? I think it does, but just an FYI everyone...I am kind of a boring person! Shocker, I know but very true!

These is what we wore on a windy, chilly day to run a few errands and pretend like we are productive citizens:

.her details.
jeans:Old Navy ::  tank: Old Navy
blouse: Lane Bryant :: shoes: Vans

(the photographer behind my outfit photos)
.his details.
jeans: Old Navy :: sweatshirt: Old Navy
shirt: Rivers :: shoes: Target

Linking up with Pleated Poppy (as usual!) so make sure to check out some other great ladies and what they have been wearing!

pleated poppy


  1. I love your errands outfit! It looks almost just like mine.

  2. So Cute the both of you hope yall had fun