April 11, 2012

.WIW: NOTHING to wear.

Ever have one of these days.....
where NOTHING fits right, or looks right, and everything ends up in a pile on your bed or floor?

Oh, I was having one of those nights on Friday night....I feel like I threw half my closet on my bed. I kept putting things on and then pulling them off, repeat, and repeat...and REPEAT! I was going out for a birthday dinner and I wanted to be cute/casual. After about 45 mins...I finally came up with THIS outfit:

.the details.
dress: Target :: scarf: Target
cardigan: Old Navy
shoes: Urban Outfitters

Thank goodness I found something to wear other than my sweats!!

pleated poppy


  1. Good god, I have those days almost EVERY DAY!!! LOL AWESOME Post!

  2. I also have these days more than I would like! Usually I'm planning my next day outfit while trying to sleep and then pray it will actually look cute as it did in my head!