March 14, 2012

.What I Wore: bold color & stripes.

Guess what!!

I finally got to do some shopping for clothes this last week and it was great! Well...I pulled quickly into an Old Navy and got some items from clearance..BUT it was still a great time. I haven't really gotten any new clothes for a while and I was in the need for a fix.  When I got to the register I quickly noticed every thing I was purchasing was a BOLD color with either a print or stripes.  Oh, how happy that made me..I love bold colors and finally getting into the groove of wearing them. 

.the details.
shirt: Old Navy :: pants: Target
earrings: Rick Rack Boutique :: ring: Target
Shoes: Target DIY

while looking at this picture:

I realized mamma needs a new pair of pants!

Right now I'm in between sizes and can't get the right fit. Anyone ( curvy girls...please, please help) know where you can buy in between 17,15,etc. If so please message me or leave a comment below. I could use your wonderful help and guidance!! 

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