January 5, 2010

Summer Lovin: Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is in Southern Virginia and a vacation spot many Virginians seek during the summer time. When driving in the non stop traffic for over four hours, one might begin to think....that maybe this really isn't worth the trip. BUUUTT when you arrive and you finally get to relax on the beach..it is worth it all! I have experienced my first full summer in Virginia, and fell in love with Virginia Beach. The sun, the beach, the people, the boardwalk..all of it is great. These pictures inbody Virginia Beach, from the sunset on the boardwalk to the sand castles built by little kids playing in the stand all the way to the remote beaches where boats go to retire. Incase you ever do go to Virginia Beach.....the best deal is found at Pi-zerria..you can get a medium one-topping pizza and a pitcher of sangeria for only $17!!!

Welcome: The Beginning

I started this blog to share my photography, from my day to day to traveling far away. I love taking pictures and showing things from my own perspective. To me its about seeing the beauty in the things that others view as ordinary or have thrown aside.  I believe that every photo has a story to tell, so hopefully I can share a few of those stories with you.

I would love to hear people's thoughts, opinions and comments on the photos, stories, and posts.

This is me..aren't i sooo cute with my little pug nose and blue eyes!