September 21, 2011

For your enjoyment!

Dave and I are leaving Australia for the weekend to head over to the Rugby World Cup in Wellington, New Zealand.  How exciting! I didn't even know that the USA had a Rugby team (we are even ranked #16!) before coming to Australia. Right now we are 1-1 for the tournament the next game is on Friday night against Australia. This is the game that Dave and I will be attending..eeeepppp!!! I have never been to a game THIS BIG before or a tournament this grand, I never even imagined I would attend something like this!

Rugby is a big deal here in Australia, Dave and I have watched heaps of it on the tellie. Dave is really good at explaining it to  me (since he played a little in college) and I think I have it down pretty good. However, if I hear the worlds 'Rugby' or 'New Zealand' in the same sentence I can't help but think of the Haka War Dance.  The Haka is the traditional war cry/dance/challenge of the Maori People to display their power and strength. Now this dance is preformed by different teams of New Zealand (and other nations with tribes) before matches.

So while we are gone, I leave you with this for your viewing pleasure:

Now check out this hilarious commercial:

Hope you enjoyed the clips!!