October 13, 2011

FTF: Five Things Friday

Can you believe it's Friday already?!?! This week I have shared a lot with you guys, with the A to Z and now Five Things Friday! Hopefully you aren't to bored of hearing about me!

1) I have wavy hair BUT have always wanted curly hair like my sister Jess. I used to dream about getting a perm and having curly (red) hair. I'm a chicken, so I never did it!

2) I worked at McDonalds for 7, yes 7, years! For a majority of the time, I LOVED working there with my friends, talking to the customers, it was great...I miss those days at times.

3) As a kid my favorite game to play was Hi Ho Cherry O. Because my sisters are light years older then I am (9 &6 years older) they never played with me so I was left to play Hi Ho Cherry O all by myself. But hey, I still had a blast playing twice as much since I always got to spin for the "invisible" second player.

4) My wedding shoes are some of the favorite shoes I own, they are the lady version of the classic black and white checkered Vans. It broke my heart when I went into Vans to get a new pair and they told me they no longer make them because they didn't sell well....I actually called Dave and almost cried!

5) If you want to make me happy or get on my good side all you need to do is bring my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It can be in dough form, cookie form, Ice Cream form...basically any form and I will love you for at least a day or two unconditionally!

I hope you have a great Friday! Tonight I'm going to my first ever book club meeting...eeeecccckkk! I'm really excited and nervous all at the same time, I don't do well meeting new people all by my lonesome. But today is the day to face my fears and meet some new people in Newcastle!! Wish me luck!

Wellington, NZ: Botanic Gardens

One of my very, very favorite things to photograph is nature. I could spend hours upon hours taking photos of trees, clouds, flowers, statues,  and taking in the fresh air. Here are some of the plethora of photos I took in the Wellington, New Zealand Botanic Gardens. I hope you enjoy!