March 2, 2014

.march goals.

For some reason, March just feels like a month of change. It could be because winter is slowly leaving and spring is just around the corner, the air starts to feel different. But there is something in the air, Dave feels it too. So what  a great month to start blogging again, making goals, and start to make some needed little changes in life.  

I believe in making small, attainable goals that push me towards living the life I picture for myself.   Here are the goals I have for March:

1. Bake a loaf a bread - different bloggers make it look so easy and I LOOOOVVEEE bread. So, why not push myself a little and try to make it myself! 

2. Create weekly meal plans - meal planning is a struggle for me. At the beginning of each week, I feel like I've never cooked before and have no idea what I like to we just eat stuff, not meals, stuff. Ick! I'm starting to pin away recipes on pinterest, so hopefully I actually have meals planned and not just all the delicious desserts I find!

3. BLOG!! - yay! I noticed when I was blogging regularly, I was happy. I had things to say, adventures to plan, music and outfits to share, and felt like what I was doing was worthwhile! When I don't blog, I feel kind of blue and boring. SOOOO, here we go, you my friend will be getting LOTS more of it or not! 

4. Post 3 outfit posts/week - Currently, I nanny full time so I'm not getting dressed up for the 9 hours I am with two little kids. But on weekends I love getting dressed a bit, I'm hoping by posting outfits that I will actually get dressed more during the week as well!

5. Run a mile every day - ARRRGGHHHH!! I haven't really ran since my half marathon in October. I had a hip injury and then you know....I got lazy, real lazy. I need to get back to running regularly, so running a mile will help with that. The hardest part is to actually go out and run, but a mile is only 11 min. and I can do that. The hope is that when I'm running my mile, I just keep running because the hardest part is done, I've already started!  

6. NO TV 1 day/week - I love t.v., it's true. I LOVE reality t.v. and I watch it more than I should and I will lie to you about the hours if you ever ask me! There are more important things I could be doing with my time, so I'm going to try and ween myself off of tv slowly.  But the Housewives of New York start this I definitely  will be watching tv on that day!

I would love to hear what your goals are for the month?
 If you don't have any, you can always join me on some of mine!