October 21, 2011

.Dropkick Murphy's Concert.

If we are Facebook friends you know that Dave and I went to the Dropkick Murphy's concert last night here in Newcastle. (If we aren't facebook friends, don't worry I won't hold it against you..BUT you can be my friend just by clicking the 'like' button on the left hand side of the page!)  Dropkick is one of Dave's favorite bands, so it wasn't hard to decide if we should see them when there are here in Australia, in the same town we are in (really what are the chances?!?!). Once Dave and I heard that they haven't played Newcastle in over 13 years, we knew it was destiny or that the Dropkick Murphy's were playing a show just for us but failed to informed everyone else!  I have only seen Dropkick once before with Dave but after seeing them just that once I was an automatic fan! Not only do I love seeing Dave shout the words, pump his fist, and wear the biggest smile but the energy of this group is undeniable. 

Dave and I settled in right behind the sound and light guys, I believe this to be the best position. I had a clear view of the stage, can see over the tops of the hundreds of heads below me, and there is no shenanigans going to happen right in front of my space. The sound and light guys usually just stay at their positions and don't bother anyone! As I was watching the show one of the lead singers, Al Barr, reminded me of a boxer. He will be in the back, pacing, jumping up and down, and then POOOOWWWW he comes to the front of the stage delivers the lyrics like punches to the crowd and slinks back to the stage and prepares to do it all over again.  During the show he let his toughness show by yelling at a fan for being a cocksucker  and that he wouldn't save his a$$ from getting thrown out anymore...and this occurred during the acoustic set of the show.  Yep, you heard read right, an acoustic part of the show!! This was AMAZING, they pulled off the songs with the same intensity and feeling as if they were playing at full volume.

 Never do they lose the meaning or feeling that each song invokes and in appreciation the crowd does the same. If you plan on being a true active member at a Dropkick Murphy's concert, eat a power or protein bar ahead of time. You will NEED it to keep up the energy during the whole show. The show lasts about 2 hours with barely any stopping, the band goes from one song to another with the same intensity as if it were it's first. With the large array of instruments on stage from bagpipes, banjo, mandolin, accordion, whistle, and your standard instruments the LARGE sound cannot be denied! Not only does it all sound amazing together, perfected down to the smallest note, but watching each new instrument being added is also a treat for the eyes. 

All in all the Dropkick Murphy's concert last night was undeniably an amazing show put on by the boys from Boston. Newcastle fans came out in full force dressed in Red Sox, Celtics, and Boston gear, moshing about, singing at the top of their lungs, and getting shitfaced. Because can you really sing, Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced, without at least having had one,two, or three drinks in you? 

So, wanna know my favorite Dropkick song? Do you think its Shipping Up To Boston or Going Out In Style (since those were the videos I posted on fb...remember you can be my friend!)? It's not either one of those songs. My favorite song come from my favorite album, Meanest of Times.  The song is....

State of Massachusetts


p.s. check out the links with the photos cause they both have some really great shots from Dropkick concerts and other concerts too!

.Five Things Friday.

Whoops! It's Saturday here but it's technically still Friday in the States, so I think that counts so that I'm not late with 5 Things Friday!

1) I really, really want a short sleeve tattoo...like really bad. BUT I'm afraid of how much it will hurt and can't make up my mind on the design. I have a little tattoo and when I was getting it I thought the pain was horrible!

2) All of my closest friends were met either in high school or undergrad. I've tried to see if there are others like my friends out there, but I still haven't found any! It just means you can NEVER replace great friends, they are your soul mates. 

3) I used to want to be a writer. I would write long stories all the time, they were about high schoolers falling in love but being of different races and their parents not approving, kids getting terminally ill diseases and falling in love. BASICALLY I think I was reading to much Lurlene McDaniel books and stealing her influences!

4) I graduated high school a semester early because I was SOOOO over school.

5) I graduated undergrad a year late because I loved school and the experience so much I didn't want to leave.