November 7, 2011

.What I Want: Relationships.

September was my month to figure out who I wanted to be, October I worked on getting healthy and November is going to be all about working on relationships. I even have my playlist ready for the month with a friendship theme!

What I Want...Relationships:

  • To be an engaged and active member of the community
  • To continuously nurture and grow the relationships I have
  • To be someone that is trusted and relied on
  • For my love never to be doubted or questioned
  • To find my "tribe"
  • To be open to new experiences and new people
  • To control my anger and not push others away
  • To feel 100% comfortable with myself and with others
  • To give love so deeply that it hurts at times
  • To be vulnerable
My gansta wedding party
From the list above I am going to be focusing on: To Continuously Nurture & Grow the Friendships I Have. If you ask any of my friends you will find out that I am not the best person at keeping in contact with others. I don't call (.ever.), write emails, text..I always seem to get wrapped up in my own life and just assume my friends are also wrapped up in theirs, so I never put the effort in. But that needs to change because my friends are truly like family to me, they love me and accept me as I am...that is a HUGE thing and they deserve more love and respect from me.

I plan on doing this by:

  • writing e-mails at least twice a month to say hi and check in!
  • Sent surprise gifts or snail mail to let them know I have been thinking of them.
  • Open myself up more/be more vulnerable with them...really tell them how I am doing and when I am struggling.
  • express how I feel about our relationship and what it means to me
  • build a relationship where we can challenge and hold each other accountable when needed
  • be honest
  • make time: friendships are as important as other relationships in my life
To be honest, I 'm really really excited about this month and working on my relationships! I know this is going to be both rewarding to me as well as the others I hope to reach out to! I will keep you updated on how things go during the month!

Does anyone else struggle with this?
How do you keep connected with friends?

FPW: Oct. 31st

Drying my clothes outside makes me happy and smile. 
.this is typical.

Work: I love being surrounded by books! 

OOW: Husband Edition

The hubs was looking extra cute this weekend (he is always cute) so when we went to take my picture for OOW, I had to turn the camera on him!

Shirt: Big W, Pants: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Converse

After this we went out and bought him some more items for his ever growing wardrobe! I can't wait to see him wear some of the new things that he picked out today. His style has definitely changed since we first starting dating, and let me just say this is a good thing!! He is no longer the nervous boy in pleated khaki pants but is the confident man in converse.