March 10, 2014

. life according to the iphone.

Just a few pictures to show what I have been up to the past few months or so. My phone went ka-put on me before i had all the photos saved..but you can always check my instagram for more photos.

.Dave's first time walking on a frozen lake. 

.Maggie sleeping on my childhood sleeping bag. 

.Maggie patiently waiting while we pack up the apartment. 

.i can't get over how green it is in Jan. here in Portland. 

.sunshine saturday at the park reading a book. 

.she melts my heart. 

.mt. tabor overlooking portland. 

.two big sleepy heads. 

.dave's birthday present...ahhhhhh.

.we watched a lot of Parks and Rec.

.she loves looking at the window and barking at all that pass. 

.we found out that maggie might be allergic to Portland. 

.someone is a pillow stealer. 

.reggie and box of chocolates playing during jazz festival. 

.our first portland timbers game.

.new print for our new home. 

.brunch at byway's in portland. 

.after run snuggles. 

What has your life looked like these last month / days? 
What are ya up to? I would love to hear about it!