June 28, 2012

.Around the City: Lake Calhoun.

Last week I shared with you one of my favorite spots, Lake Harriet. Well not to far from Lake Harriet is the very (very) popular Lake Calhoun. Lake Calhoun is the biggest lake in Minneapolis and there are both walking and biking paths that connect the lakes, making it super easy to navigate and explore.

One of my favorite things about Lake Calhoun (besides people watching) is the great view of the city! I find it utterly amazing that we can have such great lakes, trails, and be part of nature within being a few mile(s) from the city. Where else can you find this?!?! I love how people come to the lake to walk, run, hang out with friends, swim, sail, and to just be seen! (if you are curious the walking path is about 3 miles around)

Around the lake their are three different beaches in which you can take a dip to cool off or work on your tan. If you aren't the swimming type you can always partake in other water sports such as renting a paddle boat, kayak, canoe, or taking a sailing lesson. Or if you are like me you can go sit on the dock, let you feet hit the water, and watch all the fish swim around. 

I think these two girls have the right idea, getting on a paddle boat and relaxing in great company. That is what the summer days are for, right? Not for working late in the office but for getting out into the summer and being with the people you love and make you happy (just remember to wear sunscreen!).  So if you are in Minneapolis grab your gear and head towards the lake for some sunshine, people watching, and good eating at the Tinfish food stand. I promise you wont' be disappointed!

Where do you like to go in the summer?

June 27, 2012

.WIW: antiquing and ice creaming it up.

Most of this outfit is new, so I was really excited to wear it. You know when you get new clothes and you are  itching to wear them as soon as possible, it was totally that moment! I think they lasted only a few days in my closet before they made it into rotation! 

This was the perfect outfit for walking around the neighborhood on a beautiful day. That day we went antiquing, ate ice-cream, and then walked over to the movie theatre (after already walking home). I am in L.O.V.E. with the vibrant green color of the skirt, it shouts SUMMER and WEAR ME!! Sooo, I will listen and wear this skirt over and over again this summer! 

.the details.
skirt & shirt: Target
sandels: Target // bag: TJ Maxx

June 25, 2012

.5 things I can't live without (right now).

A few months ago I read a book titled, " 5 Things I Can't Live Without" and it got me thinking. The book itself wasn't very good, just an easy read about dating and finding oneself, but the title...it's got something there! I have wanted to do this post for awhile but just never got around to sitting and thinking about what my 5 things would be. Soooo....finally here we go:


Dave's kisses: specifically the ones to the front of the forehead, those are always my favorite. They are so gentle, caring, and loving...sigh.

My running shoes: they bring me strength, clarity, happiness, inspiration and keep me pushing towards my goals.

Books: I love how you can grab a book, sit and relax, and the whole world disappears around you. All the problems, to do lists, and stress vanishes when I crack open a book. 

Old Family Photos: in May I got loads of old family photos from my grandma's house. I absolutely love looking at the photos from years ago, meet family members through the lens, and learning new stories and facts about family. 

On Demand: I know that this one sounds silly...but it's true, I do love our On Demand! Dave and I watch it almost every night catching up on shows that we don't get with basic cable while snuggling on the couch. Right now we are watching Homeland and ooooooooohhhhh it is sooooo good!!!

* family and friends were a given...so I didn't list them!! *

What is something you can't live without?

June 23, 2012

.a year ago today.

Last  year I (tried) to take a picture each and every day! This is helpful when looking back on a year passed. So last year this is what we did:

Rode the metro into DC to use a groupon!

On the boat for our night monument cruise

Washington Monument

Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

I wish that this year I was better at taking pictures every day because I love looking back and seeing what I did last year or around a certain time of year.

Do you remember what you did last year today? What was it?
What are your plans for today? 

June 22, 2012

.tonight we dance.

Tonight Dave and I are going to the SOLD OUT Foster the People concert here in Minneapolis!!!  We are both SOOOOOOO excited! We first found out about the concert while sitting at the YHA in Byron Bay, Australia and purchased tickets as soon as we had internet in our apartment in Minnesota. This is Dave's birthday present and I must say...it's a pretty good one!

Here are some of the songs that I look forward to hearing tonight:

.Around the Neighborhood: Lake Harriet.

As you may know I run, and mostly I run just in my neighborhood area. It's such a great area and we are lucky to be able to run near home. Dave and I started running in Australia with the ocean by our side and I was worried how we would transition. Thankfully, it was easy since we now run around Lake Harriet majority of the time! I am excited to share with you a place that has come to mean a lot to both Dave and I. It is one of the main reasons we love our apartment sooo much!!

Lake Harriet is one of many lakes in the Minneapolis area. It has both biking and walking paths (walking path is 2.75 miles) for you to enjoy. On the paths you find lots of families, walkers and runners enjoying nature and sunshine. It doesn't get to crazy filled with people, which is good for when we run! During the summer people bring their boats and sailboats out to the lake and dock them there for the season. I had never seen so many little boats on a lake before, I love the way they look on the lake. You can even sign up for sailing lessons..how great is that!!!

Lake Harriet houses a beautiful Band Shelter and food stand which is busy busy in the summer. In the summer you can find live music almost every single night and movies in the park a number of times. I'm sure other things will take place in the shelter, we just haven't been around long enough to see them! 

Along with sailing and boating you can also rent canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats by the hour.  It's a great way to get out on the lake and spend the afternoon. This summer I know that we are going to rent a kayak one day and work our arms out all afternoon!! 

The pictures above are from my favorite section/place on the lake. When running I always look over to the city view because it makes me feel very lucky to live where I live. I think, " This is why we moved here, to be near nature but still so close to the city." Who has this great view of the city? Well a teen tiny elf of course! On the lake we have the "Elf Tree" where our local elf lives. Inside the home you can leave wishes and notes for the elf and if you are lucky the elf will leave you a note back! Whenever I see little kids peering into the house a smile spreads across my face as I see the wonderment on their faces. 

This is one of my favorite areas in the city.
Where is one of your favorite areas?

June 21, 2012

.summer plans.


Yesterday was the first official day of summer...yipppie!!!!! I love the summer time, how everyone comes out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine and just seems a whole lot happier! Earlier this week I shared my summer mixed tape now here are our summer plans!!


// .go to move at Lake Harriet Band Shell. // . enjoy music and picnic in the park.  // .bascilica block party. // .kayak on the lake of the isles.  // .cheer on the minnesota twins. // .run a half marathon. // .try and adopt an english bulldog. // .visit museums using the free library passes. // . plan a stay-cation.  // .check out twin cities festivals. //  .get dave a bike. // .thrifting. // .hiking. // .visit new parks.  // .read outside in the shade. // .fishing.  // .swimming. // .see a movie at the drive in theatre. // .cedar cultural center. // .visit family members. // .global market. // .outside dining and drinks with friends. // .stone arch bridge. // . pho. // make a meal from scratch. // . spa.  // .hang out with nieces and nephews.  // .relax and enjoy our lives. // .smile often. //

June 20, 2012

.WIW: meeting a bulldog.

On Saturday Dave and I went to an adoption meet and greet to hang out with a cute english bulldog named Emme. SOOOO...we dressed to impress! I wore something that I thought says, "fun, sophisticated, and has it together" and Dave wore an England shirt with the Union Jack (get it, haaa!).

I've had this shirt for a while now. It was on clearance at Target a month or so ago and I grabbed it up because it was so darling. Sadly since the purchase it has been hanging in my closet waiting for it's time to shine. Meeting a bulldog was just the occasion! I am in LOOOOVVEE with the shoulder detail, it definitely makes the shirt for me. 

.my cute new bracelet...heart.

.the details.
shirt: Target  // bracelet: Target
Jeans: Forever 21 // shoes: Payless
purse: Target // glasses: Ray Bans

OHHHHH...and just in case you were wondering how cute this bulldog is:

She was really popular at the meet and greet so we probably won't get her. However, we have officially submitted an application and are excited to (hopefully) soon adopt a bulldog!


Make Sure you have a Funky FUN Wednesday!!!

pleated poppy

June 19, 2012

.Tuesday Tunes: Summer Mixed Tape.

I LOOVVVEEEE the summer time (really...who doesn't?!?!)!!! To me the summer means sunshine, time at the water (lake side here in MN...), reading books outside in the shade, spend lots and lots of time with friends and family, and having good old fashioned fun!!!

Since this week summer officially starts ( June 20th) I thought I would whip together a little summer play list. I know that these songs are going to be on repeat throughout summer on my ipod! Plus, I'm pretty excited to see at least three of the artists in concert this summer! 

What is on your summer playlist?

June 18, 2012

.running with a roll.

Just a little quick note: I am nervous about this post. I'm going to show you something I haven't really shown before on the blog. Soooo....if you don't want to see a little rolly polly...you may not want to look, but if you want honesty, read on my sisters!

This is what I look like when I usually post running pictures:

You get to see my running gear (proof that I ran!) and they are usually only from the waist up. This is what I feel comfortable with because it doesn't show it all...it keeps my "bad area(s)" hidden. But is it real? Not entirely, it hides a part of me and it puts out an image that is comfortable but not entirely the full picture. 

The other day when we ran 8 miles, I wore the exact outfit that you see above. It was the first time I wore this shirt because even though it fits okay, it is a little tight in the stomach area. It hugs in all the places that probably nobody wants to see, but I felt like it was a great fit for running. The shirt doesn't flop around, it stays put, it's a light color and wicks away the sweat (a must for our humid summers).  

This is the TRUE image of what I look like when running:

I know, I know you may be thinking ohhhhh...she is over reacting, everyone has rolls. I agree almost everyone does have rolls, the thing is that majority of us try to hide them. I am one of those woman, I don't like my roll coming out to say hello. I like it to be nice and hidden behind a cute shirt, tank, or dress. But, it's there, it's part of me, I don't hate it.

Yesterday while running I was a little self conscious. I kept thinking my roll was bouncing around with each step I took. When running I usually find myself pulling at my shirt to make sure it's not hugging me in the tum tum area. But with this shirt, I didn't tug at it once...I felt like, "WORLD, this is me running with my roll!" I started owning it and didn't think about my roll as a negative thing anymore. It became more of an encouragement, I reminded myself that people who see me might see me as an inspiration, thinking if she can do that..maybe I could to0. Maybe someone would take their next steps to walking more, starting to jog, or thinking about it.  And if anyone had anything bad to say about my roll all I can say is, " I am running 8 miles!" Not everyone can do it, but me and my roll......we got this!!!! 

June 17, 2012

.Snapshot Sunday.

My pops and I with the exact same pose...without knowing it...that's family for ya!

Happy Fathers Day!!!

June 13, 2012

.WIW: Pink and Purple, Pink and Purple.

Man...do I LOVE this pink skirt! I got it when I was in Australia when I first heard of ASOS. It is my very very favorite skirt/dress! I swear I wear it almost every week because it is sooo easy to switch one cute top in for another. This is when I tried to go really casual with the top. I think it's fun at times to wear a casual top with a more dressed up bottom!

Plus the dress if fun to spin around in and swwoooooshhh!!!

.the details. 
shirt: Baltimore Gift Shop // skirt: Asos
cardigan: Target // shoes: Payless
purse: Urban Outfitters

June 12, 2012

.Tuesday Tunes: Best Coast.

Best Coast is one of my to listen to this summer recommendations. They are the perfect artist to put into your cd player (or ipod for you modern folks) while driving in the sunshine. As you can guess, Best Coast is from the West Coast, Cali to be exact. They have a surf pop sound that is low key and easy. My favorite song is The Only Place, listen and let me know which one is your favorite!

June 8, 2012

.Around the City: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Hello!!! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was great and you got to be in the sunshine a little bit. This weekend I got my sun on, drink on, and grub on...it was fantastic!

Remember ALLLL the way back in April when the Around The....series started? Probably not because I haven't been that great about writing within the series. The series shows you things around the neighborhood, apartment, and Minneapolis!

Today I want to show you probably one of the most popular places in Minneapolis, the Sculpture Garden.  If you see any advertising for Minneapolis or MN you probably have see our famous Spoonbridge and the Cherry Sculpture. It looks like this....

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country with 11 acres. Along with the Spoonbridge and the Cherry the garden has 40 other permanent sculptures, a conservatory, and a pretty cool pedestrian bridge. After walking around the sculpture garden and feeling inspired you can walk right into the Walker Art Museum and get your art on! 

To get to the Sculpture Garden just head towards Hennipen Ave!

pedestrian bridge

Not a piece in the garden..but I was feeling inspired!

Hope this gave you a little peek into our famous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden!
Make sure you come visit and spend some time relaxing with friends around great art. 

Wanna see more pictures?
Check out more here!