April 12, 2012

.Around the Neighborhood: Rick Rack Boutique.

This is a new feature for the little blog here (one of a  few!). Since you all can't come and see my great neighborhood, I thought I would share it with you via the internet! I hope you like the new feature and the area that I am able to now call home!!

Our first stop is to the cute little boutique just down the block from our apartment:

For the first month or so I would walk by the boutique and think, "I NEED to go in there!" I would dream about all the lovely items that it would be filled with and what I may possibly be able to find for my own closet. I saved my pennies and then took a wintery walk to the store with a smile on my face and a cutie on my arm. 

When I walked into the store, I fell in love at first sight...no lie. The rooms are filled with great clothes, accessories, shoes (oh..the shoes!) , and heaps and heaps of great jewelry! The rooms are set up with lovely decor that highlights the merchandise perfectly without making you feel like you are in a showroom. 

The little red house has not one, but two floors with clothing and furniture. Yep..you get two floors to take your time and explore. You will want to plan for about an hour in the store to make sure you see all the items without feeling rushed. I was only in the store for about 15-30 min. and it was definitely not enough time!!

Isn't this such a cute little holder!!

During my first visit I purchased two cute pair of earrings. I'm even thinking of using one for a giveaway...what do ya think..ya wanna giveaway??  Not only was the merchandise great, but so was the service at the store. They were very helpful and kind, exactly one of the reasons why I love shopping at locally owned shops!

Soooo..make sure you stop by the little red house on 44th in Southwest Minneapolis!!!

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