October 8, 2011

Aussie Artist: Boy and Bear

Before I shared with you Gotye, a Belgium Aussie artist. Now I give you the band, Boy and Bear...who I am totally loving right now! These guys are exactly the type of music that I could listen to for hours upon hours.

Boy and Bear - Rabbit Song

Don't you love the video too!?!?! I think these would be great Halloween costumes, the office warrior because you know business can be deadly and it is a war out there!

Stay tuned for more Aussie artists that I'm lovin'!

Wellington, NZ: Things to Do

If you ever find yourself in Wellington, New Zealand for a little period of time here are some things that you can do! The best part (almost) everything on the list is free...wwhhhooooooottttt!

1) Museum of Wellington City and Sea: This is a medium sized museum filled with history, photos, and artifacts about Wellington. A great museum to learn more about the city itself, how it was founded, how it evolved, etc. The Museum also had one of the best gift shops, great items that are reasonably priced!

2) Take a ride up the famous Wellington Cable Car.  From other websites I thought this was free, but it costs $3.50 a person. Dave and I were lucky enough to get free coupons from a Kiwi due to their being a Spring Festival! I'm not sure we would have paid the money, but you get a ride up a hill and are greeted with a spectacular view!

3) Stroll through the Botanic Gardens.  Once you get off the cable car and take in the view take a stroll through the botanic gardens at an easy decline. Their are different trails, trees, flowers, and views for you to take in. The main trail will take you about 40 mins. and lead you back to the city. 

4) Walk through the cemetery, where history meets present.  When strolling through the botanic garden continue your stroll to the city through the historical cemetery where graves date back hundred of years. 

5) Attend a Rugby Game.  Dave and I went to a game for the World Cup, we got good seats for only $40 each! Most The All Blacks games are played in Auckland, however you maybe able to catch a local club game. 

6) Walk along the Harbor.  The harbor is beautiful, with views of the distant rolling green hills and the different colors of green in the ocean water. It seems like everywhere you look is green! I could spend just all day walking along the harbor taking in the view, watching the people, and be happily content. 

7) Hike up Mt. Victoria for a 360 degree view of the city. Mt. Victoria is one of the many locations that Peter Jackson used when filming Lord of the Rings, however I do not know what scene it is in. The hike/climb up the hill is not that bad and the view of the city is a great reward. The trail can be kind of tricky to find, but if you get confused or lost just keep climbing up and you will get right on track!

8) Check out Te Papa Museum.  This is a great museum, where you learn about the culture, history, landscape, etc. of New Zealand. I was greatly impressed by the museum, especially since it was free! Dave and I learned and performed the Haka, saw a Colossal Squid, learned about animals, immigration, and much more! This is a definitely must see and do when in Wellington, make sure you give yourself at least 3hrs. to see it all!

9) Take in some political lessons at Parliament.  Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, take advantage of this by visiting the Parliament buildings and learning more about the politics of the country. 

10) Relax and Just Have Fun! You can shop at many cute stores, grab a drink at a local pub, read in the park, take in the view, and have great conversations with the locals. The most important thing to do is  take in the moment and not worry about anything else, because you need to cherish the moment so you can remember it always!

Kiwis are super duper nice!
Even their busses apologize for not being in service!