November 11, 2011

.Weekend Plans.

Three Sisters

Cable Car in the Blue Mountains! 

Tomorrow morning Dave and I are getting up early and heading out on a little adventure! We are both really excited to be getting away for the weekend, it has been a month since we have left the city for more than a day and it's long over due. We plan on getting the bus & rail for a 4hr. journey to the Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. We plan on doing some hiking and sight seeing (and reading Breaking Dawn...I'm SOOOOOO addicted!).  It will be interesting to see how Dave handles the Cable Car, he is deathly scared of heights, he at times can't even look over a railing in the local mall.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Five Things Friday

1) My favorite line from The Outsiders is, " They call me Cherry cause of my red hair." I have no idea why this is my favorite line, maybe it's because I really wanted red hair when I first watched the movie.

2) I sometimes enter shops or boutiques based solely on the music that they are playing. If a tune catches my ear I am more likely to enter than if I like a few items in the window display.

3) When I was younger, I hard a hard time finding my birth mark (it's really tiny). My mom told me I was alien because I didn't have one....I believed her for FAR to LONG!

4) I got my ears pierced in 4th grade. I really only did this because I had short hair and was sick of people thinking I was a boy, I thought having your ears pierced truly showed I was a girl.

5) I sleep when I am mad, sad, and of course tired. Sleep is my getaway/ my way of not dealing with things I really need to deal with.