July 5, 2011


Today marks the 3 year wedding anniversary of Dave and I, we refer to ourselves as Shoave, kind of like Bradgelina but without all the money and kids. I can't believe 3 years have already passed by, seriously where has the time gone?!?! In our three years we have had some really great times, adventures, and have had some really rough hard times. The best thing is that during any point of time, I know that if I look over to my side I will have my best friend right there ready for the next adventure or with the next tissue.
I couldn't stop smiling the whole day! I was one of the happiest brides!

Our first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Shoave Roberts

Our first trip as a married couple to see my friend Priyanka get married!

Morning of a 5k...we started running races together.

One year wedding anniversary!

Graduated with my MA in Higher Education
Celebrating 2 years at Great Falls, VA!

Smiling in MN Summer 2010

Bridge near Dave's parents. This pic was taken just a week before his father passed

Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Married: 2 years and 364 days!

Happy Anniversary Baby!
I'm not complete without the -Ave to my Shoave.