September 10, 2011

Oh! What a Darling Harbor...

After Dave and I spent hours at the Chinese Gardens we went wandering around the city a little bit. We walked a short distance to Darling Harbor, to see what it was all about. 

The area is one that is able to capture a medium level of the hustle and bustle with a large dose of relaxation. You can grab a seat near the harbor and gaze out into the water, eat or shop and one of the many many shops in the area. Since Dave and I try not to spend toooo much money we just walked along the harbor hand in hand watching the sky change colors while the sun disappeared. (Plus, this is the best way to take in ANY place!)

Don't you just feel like dancing with these birds?

The whole things is made of Legos! -Aquarium Entrance
After walking around Darling Harbor and seeing all that we could see, we decided to walk over to Hyde Park before it got to dark. Hyde Park is now one of my favorite parks EVER, it is like the Central Park of Sydney. Trees line the sidewalks and make canopy above you, they have a large chess set you can play with, fountains, did I mention the trees already..ooohhh my! While in Hyde Park we quick walked over to the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral, which Dave told me was the oldest Catholic church in New South Wales.  When I first saw it all I couldn't take my eyes off it, I just started walking closer to it to get a closer look. 

We saw this little guy while taking pictures of the Cathedral! Check out the
neon head feathers!
Now that is was beginning to get dark we had to walk to our final landmark of the day, the Anzac Memorial. The Anzac Memorial is in honor of all Australians who have serve their country. Due to arriving late, we were not allowed to view the inside, but that means we get to come back to Hyde Park again! 

Dave and I will be heading back into Sydney next week
and I can't wait to see what we will 
discover next!