December 8, 2012

.November Books.

Bright Lights, Big Ass: Jen Lancaster  Funny, delightful memoir about how living in the city can kind of suck. Especially when you have fallen from your high financial class and now are working temp jobs trying to survive. This wasn't my favorite of hers but it wasn't horrible either. I know that I will always get a laugh out of her antics, like calling the police on her neighbors.

My Fair Lazy: Jen Lancaster  Jen finds her addicted to reality t.v. self not to be as cultured as those around her. After a few times of having a hard time talking with others about things not associated with reality t.v. or pop culture she decides to go Fair Lady on herself. With the help of her friends she begins her movement to become more cultured and refined. It's was fun to be along for the well as knowing that she never gives up her reality t.v. addiction but just handles it in smaller doses!

* I also think it's fun to read Jen Lancaster books because it was my sister's name before she got remarried.  I never knew my sister would be an author..haa *

Evil Genius: Catherine Jinx  First off, Jinx is an Australian author therefore the book takes place in Sydney and that made my heart very happy! I love reading and being like "OOHHHH...I know that place!!!"  It makes me feel proud and a tad bit special. Evil Genius is the first of a trilogy about Cadel Piggot. Cadel is a super genius, hacking into computers from a young age and graduating high school at 14 year olds. He is now attending Axis Institute that teaches people about world domination with classes like infiltration, hacking, embezzlement, ect. The book is interesting and a thriller. You feel for Cadel during the whole book and find yourself cheering for him when he begins to find himself. 

Genius Squad: Catherine Jinx  The Axis Institute was been blown up and Prosper English is in jail. Cadel finds himself in a lousy foster home until he mets a team of teenage hackers that offer him a place on the Genius Squad. The Genius Squad is formed to find information on GenoMe, a business associated with Prosper English.  Finally Cadel feels safe and useful again, but those feelings don't last to long. 


Goal Update:
43/50 books

eeekkk...I have to read 7 books in Dec. 
I better get to a reading if I want to reach my goal!!!