November 9, 2011


You may know that recently I have picked up running again. This time I have ran more and further than I ever did before and I hope to become a runner for life. I found this video to be so inspirational, I hope to keep running and keep losing the lbs!! I don't know if I will ever do Iron Man (probably not) but I do know that one day I will run a marathon. And then I will run another and another....the elementary - college self of me is going to be SOOO impressed that now I can do something I never imagined before. 

OOW: An Outfit a Day

 It has been rare the last few weeks that I take a picture of my outfit each day. However, I am glad to report that this week I was able to pull it together and get a whole weeks worth of outfits! I know that you are as excited as I am..yay for getting dressed each morning and stepping outside feeling good!!!!

Jeans & Cardi: Target, Shoes: Big W, Shirt & Necklace: Forever 21

Shirt & Jeans: Target, Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans & Cardi: Target, Tank Top: Big W, Shoes: Vans, Purse: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Target, Dress: Ross, Shoes: Big W

Remember when I showed you three ways to style this dress? Here is another way!!
Dress: Forever 21, Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Big W

Dress & Cardi: Target, Shoes: Big W

Jeans: Target, Tank Top & Cardi: Old Navy, Shoes: Big W

Two weeks ago, I walked to the store wearing an outfit that I did not like. At the time I justified it saying it was my "Getting Things Done" outfit. But, I hated that outfit because it gave me no shape and I lacked self confidence when wearing it. So that day I took a vow to never again wear something that I do not feel good or confident in! It may be a tricking vow to keep, but I know that it is all for the best in sooooo many ways! So I am proud to report I felt great in all of these outfits, some more than others, but all gave me the boost I needed for the day. 

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, so if you need any ideas on outfits then check out some other great bloggers showing their style!
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Another month down another 10 lessons learned

When a month of living in Australia passes us by I think it is important to reflect and see what little lessons the world has provided us with. You can find month one and two, here and here! Now onto the next 10 lessons learned since arriving in this wonderful country and city!

1. People from your past can come back and make a great difference in your life.  When I posted about Getting Healthy and needing help with being accountable one of my best friends contacted me to help out. She and a few friends from high school email weekly and help each other with struggles and being accountable and they welcomed me into their group with open arms. I haven't talked to these friends for y.e.a.r.s. and I realize how much I missed having contact with them and how they are helping make a difference in one of the hardest areas I struggle with. Without their constant support I don't know if I could be as successful in getting healthy. So thank you ladies, I can't wait until we can have a mini reunion when I get back to the states!

2. How not to be obsessed with "cool".  During my first month here I found that I was OBSESSED with trying to be cool and what did that even mean, etc. Now that I have made a true effort the last months to not be unconcerned with what others concept of cool is and how I fit into it, being cool doesn't really cross my mind. I don't look at others with envy wishing I was that cool. I now just put my best foot forward and stay tuned to what I like, want, and don't really worry about anyone else. I don't even say the word "cool" anymore, which is shocking because it was in almost every other sentence when I first arrived here. 

3. I want to have my own little bookshop/music shop in the future.  Dave and I have always talked about having a secondhand bookstore when we retire, but after working at the bookshop I want this more than ever. When I work I feel so content and happy, I could be there for hours doing little things with the books and talking with customers. It will be years before I have my own store, but during that time I will be doing LOTS of research and saving my moola! I think I want to call our little shop, SHOAVE'S. hee heeeee

4. Dave & I have come a long way during the last year.  A year ago both Dave and I were going through our own personal hells. I can't speak for Dave (because that would just be rude and wrong of me) but for me, I was deeply depressed. I was having a hard time after my father-in-laws passing, it brought up a lot of things from my mothers passing 4 years earlier, I was emotionally drained due to going through my own things, helping Dave with his path of healing, and putting a brave face on at work day in and day out. This depression lasted for at least half a year, and when things were bad Dave and I would say to each other, "Don't You Wish You Could Go Surfing?", always thinking about how the escape to Australia would be. A year later, we have dealt with our little hells, we have grown as partners, and now we are loving life and all the little challenges and adventures it brings us. I'm SOOO proud of us for coming this far in our lives, together I know that we can take on the world. 

5. Not to walk out the door not feeling good about how I look.  I have made a vow to myself to never walk outside the front door not feeling good about how I look in.  When I do this I find that I am more self conscious about everything and how people look at me. When I wear an outfit that I feel good in, I find that I have more self confidence, I don't worry about how I look all day, I smile to people more, and I feel like the world is mine. Why would I want to leave the house and not feel this way?

6. Mexicans - Not Just People born in Mexico.  Dave told me this little bit of information that I thought was very interesting. People of the state New South Wales refer to residents of the state of Victoria as Mexicans. Why do they do this? Because Victoria is south of New South Wales and they relate the term Mexican to mean below the border/state line. Interesting, no?

7. If you could bottle up the joy of child has while playing on the beach, you may never be joyless again.  Nothing beats watching kids running around playing in the waves, building sandcastle,hearing their little giggles, and seeing their huge smiles. NOTHING.  

8. Some Aussies pronounce the letter 'H' differently.  Dave and I learned this by watching, Beauty & The Geek, as known as "research" for Australian culture! So after hearing how some people pronounced the 'H' on tv, I did some of my own research (a.k.a. asking my co-workers). Some people pronounce 'H' as "hech", I was told it was because they went to a Catholic school...I'm not sure if it is true, but it's what my findings are!

9. Books hold keys of wisdom.  A lot of the books I have been reading the last two months have me thinking about life, the future, and have inspired me. I believe that almost every book has a piece of wisdom in in, all we need to do is take the time to read it and see what it unlocks in our hearts, soul, and mind. 

10. I am ready for change.  I have been wanting to be ready for change, but change can't happen until you are truly ready for it. I am happy to share that I am FINALLY ready for change, I have my arms open to it and can't wait to grasp it.  Everything has been working together for this moment and oooooohhhh am I ready for it!

That is 30 lessons so far since landing in Australia!

What lessons have you learned lately from living this crazy thing called life?