January 18, 2010

You ain't a fool for going to school

Tomorrow I go back to school and work, I've had a great month off. Sometimes it's hard to go back after such a long wonderful break, but it must be done. I will be starting my last semester of graduate school, in May I shall be getting my MAIS in Higher Education. I can't wait to begin my career, but I have loved being in school. During my undergraduate years I wasn't sure I what I wanted to do, but I found the Program Board ans started planning events and becoming a leader. It clicked. I wanted to do this for my career, I wanted to assist students in their leardership abilities and continue to plan events for entire student bodies. That is what I have been able to do thus far in the graduate assistnatship and I am learning a lot about diversity, student services, and finding passion all over again. I will be the first person in my WHOOOLLEEE family to get a Masters degree!! It makes me proud that I have been able to follow my dreams and maybe I will inspire my nieces and nephews to do so too!