May 8, 2012

.1/2 Marathon Recap.

It's official, I have finished my first half marathon (13.1 miles)!! WHOOOOOOOTTTT!! I had SOOOOO much fun while running the race. Dave and I ran with my friend for her birthday and I got lots of people along the way to wish her a happy birthday and sing to her. I also got to do a lot of dancing and singing while passing the miles away, I just hope I wasn't tooo annoying and people didn't want to secretly kill me!

Our Time:
 2 hour 56 min
(13.30 min/ mile) 

Since this was more of a fun run for us, we are already planning our next half marathon! I can't wait to run and see how fast we can finish the race! We are already discussing with another one of our friends which marathon (26.2 miles) we are going to run this fall. I can't believe I'm someone who is excited to run and keep pushing myself.....I used to sooooooooo not be this person! 

Wanna hear my favorite part of the race?
The night before and early morning of the race it was lightening, thundering, and raining heaps. We weren't sure if the race was going to happen due to weather and safety concerns. Dave and I woke up early, got ready for the race and crossed our fingers that it would clear up so we could run. As soon as we walked out our door to drive to the race the rain started to lighten up a bit. By the time we got to the race area it had stopped raining, but loomed overhead. At the starting line, Dave asked if we thought it was going to rain during the race. I just stated, " Do you think our parents would let it rain? You know they have connections up there!" And then it didn't rain a drop the whole rest of the day! Some might say it was weather patterns or science that kept it from, I know better. It was my mom and Dave's dad watching over us. They were proud of us for running the race and wanted us to be able to do it without the rain! It feels good to know that we are making them proud and they are always with us!

.Tuesday Tunes: Boy Bands.

This is my best friend and I when we were younger and totally in our boy band phase!
She loved them even more than I did, in fact we met due to our love for BSB!

Oh, my!!! This mix was SOOOO much fun to make. It definitely took me back to the days when Boy Bands ruled my life. I loved (really..LOVE..cause I still love them) Hanson and Backstreet Boys (BSB) the most! And of course if you were a kid back then and loved a boy band, you ALWAYS had your favorite member. Mine was Zac Hanson from Hanson (youngest and drummer) and Brian Littrell from Backstreet Boys. I still swoon over these two when I see them in concert, I don't think they could ever do wrong in my they both are really good guys so I don't see them doing much wrong...period! Yep, you read right..I STILL go to their concerts. Last year I got to see both Hanson and Backstreet Boys and they were AMAZING! I love feeling like a teenager again..everything was so simple, fun, and full of energy.

Here are some of my favorite songs Boy Band songs from the very beginning of my love for them:

I'm sooo excited that One Direction is around now...I'm going to try and get my nieces to fall in love with boy bands! It may be difficult with all the other crap music they listen to...but I'm gonna try!