January 25, 2010

trees trees trees

Trees..I LOVE them! You can find probably over a hunderd photos of trees alone on my computer. I feel like trees say and mean so many things..it's really up to the viewer how they interpert them. I love fall, cause the leaves start to change colors and slowly fall to the ground leaving the branches bare. It's like the trees are shedding the part of them that is thought as beautiful, and exposing themselves for what really is beneath. I think when a tree has lost all it's leaves, it is the most beautiful. For me it represents mystery, strength, sadness, and sometimes it leaves me with an erie feeling that stays with me. I think my love for bare trees is due to Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams is one of the best black and white nature photographers of all time, for me nothing compares to his earlier shots. The first thingI ever got professionaly framed (which started an addiction for me..an expensive one at that!) was Ansel Adams Flat Lux. Its a photo of an Oaktree during the sunrise in Northern California. The tree is the main focus, it is large and strong, reaching outwards with the light sunrays lighting it up. In the distance you can see the cows eating the dewy grass in the pasture. I will never be able to take photos like Ansel Adams, but I will continue to try. At least while trying to do so, I will be taking photos of things that I truly admire and love.