March 22, 2011


Yes, it truly is insane..because its INSANITY! WHOOOOOOOTTTT!!!! Our INSANITY workout DVDs (from China..shhhh) finally arrived yesterday after a very long, patient wait. Tonight we popped in the Fit Test DVD thinking, "okay, this is going to be hard. It's called Insanity for a reason. But how hard can the fitness test be?" OMG! It can be very was insanely hard!! Dave and I both nearly died, not only from exhaustion but from our neighbors (they don't take fondly to two big people jumping up and down for three minutes straight) as well.  So after we felt like death and were sweating like two hogs, I popped in the dvd we will have to do tomorrow. You know a little teaser to see what we will have to do and what we got ourselves into. SERIOUSLY, if you do not hear from Dave or I by Thursday night please call our landlord to make sure we are alive! Because we may not make it out alive after the little preview we saw. The people in the video even were dying..and usually they are all smiles and making it look fun, but NOT here they look like they are going to die, they stop in the middle of reps, they walk off camera and get water..they are miserable! So, tomorrow during the day or night please take a moment or two to think about Dave and I and send us happy thoughts, or even better a little prayer for our survival, cause we are going to need it!