March 13, 2012

.Tuesday Tunes: St. Patrick's Day Mix.

Are you spending this week getting ready for St. Patrick's Day? I know that I am! I am deciding how to wear my green so I don't get pinched, what Irish foods to make, and how to decorate our apartment a little. One thing I don't have to worry about is figuring out our music to get us in the right Irish state of mind! And now you can cross that off your list too..see how nice I am by sharing with you!

Here is a great St. Patrick's Day mix that you can use to get you ready for the day and to play the day of when you have people over!  

You can also check out The Pogues from last weeks Tuesday Tunes, here
 this Saturday pop back over for some more Irish inspired music from Dropkick Murphy's!


p.s. If you really wanted to help make this week awesome for me...I wouldn't mind a few new followers on the blog...I'm just saying, it would make me feel like I had the luck of the Irish! heee heee