September 27, 2011

LWP: Sept. 18th

A day late and a dollar short...but still filled with love! 
(its a lot...because we went to NZ!!)

interview outfit got me the job
This was in a store front window. An American Willie Warmer!
These would be a hit for football fans!
Photos from Hard Heels Exhibit by Peter Busch.
Capturing the true grit of The All Blacks.

Italy? Nope, Wellington Harbor, New Zealand

Rugby World Cup Field at Wellington Stadium.
Our seats were only 6 rows up!

View from the top of the cable car

If there is a mirror or reflection item ,we will take our picture.
It's a guarantee!

Dave lost in the tree forest

Showing some tree love

No Skateboarding Dogs

Rainy, Gloomy Day

Watching Over the City 
I slid (fell) down a muddy hill...oooppps!