June 30, 2011

Pony Up at Chincoteague

Dave and I went to Chincoteague, VA for a day and half at the beginning of this week.  We had a great time seeing all the ponies in their natural habitat. It felt like we were always playing hide and seek, us being the seekers and the ponies being the hiders. When we did find them, we would get really excited, grab our cameras and start clicking away. That is probably how we ended up with 300 + pictures in such a short time!

Here is a look at some of our pictures:
These pictures are of the Chincoteague Island Herd, they are managed by the Volunteer Fire Department of Chincoteague. They are in their natural habitat, coming out to eat and mosy about. There are about 150 horses on the island. Each year at the end of July the Volunteer Fire Department hosts a Pony Swim where they wrangle up the ponies and they swim from the island tip to the coast (300 ft wide and 25 ft deep) where they are sell around 60 horses. This helps manage the herd numbers so they do not overpopulate.

We went on a sunset cruise in hopes to seeing more ponies and relax on the water. And the cruise met all of our expectations! We got to see two sets of ponies, one was far in the marsh and then other was right on the beach. Also on the cruise we got to see a Bald Eagle and a large variety of birds. There is this one bird,  I can't remember it's name, but it's in the gull family. They fly above the water and then BAM they dive into the water like a kamikaze for food! 

These photos are of the Assateague Herd and are on the Maryland side of the Assateague Island. The herd has around 150 ponies and is managed by the National Park Services. Due to campers on the island, many of the horses come closer to eat human food in campsites and on the beach. You are able to see the horses on the road, stopping to get a little snack, on the beach picking at visitors lunches, and far away in the marsh land.  The Maryland side of the island is around 1 hour from the VA side, but definitely worth the drive for up and close experiences!

The Assateague Island is located on the Atlantic Ocean, so being the beach lovers we are we made sure to take full advantage! Dave loves swimming in the ocean, jumping into the waves but I'm more of a sit and read kind of girl. I did go in and the ocean man handled me like nobody's busy, I almost lost my top and bottoms both at the same time!!! 

I got some really great pictures and I would love to share them with you! I will be posting a few of my favorites up throughout the week! So keep a look out for them.  I am afraid of horses, but this was such a great time and experience. 

P.S. You may have noticed that they are called Chincoteague Ponies and not horses, this is because of their size. They are not as tall as horses are here in America, therefore they are ponies!

June 27, 2011

OOTW: Week #2

This is going to be a sweet and short post today since Dave and I are about to head out to see the Horse Island (yaaaaayyy!!)  Since this week was mostly packing and lounging about the house, I only have a few pictures of my outfits. I figured nobody really wanted to see me in a pair of blue gym shorts and v necks over and over and over again!  But I did have fun with outfits this week. I kind of pushed my self on two outfits..lets see if you can figure out which ones!

Shirt: Kohls Pants: Old Navy Shoes: Forever 21
Pants: Old Navy Shirt: Target Jacket: Old Navy Shoes: Payless

Shorts: Target Shirt: Target Cardigan: Old Navy Shoes: H&M

Dress: Target Shirt: Target Cardigan Target Scarf/Belt: Target Shoes: H&M

Hope you have a great Monday!
What will you wear this week? 

June 26, 2011

Sale Sale Sale

Sales have been on the brain lately..well just one sale really, our Apartment Sale. No, we aren't selling our apartment (cause we can't due to renting it) but we don't have a Yard or Garage, so our moving sale is an Apartment Sale. We have it on Thursday, the very next day after we come back from our vacation to Chincoteague, VA (a.k.a. Horse Island).  I believe I am crazy for doing this, but it's really the only time we could do it. So this weekend has been used to pack, pull items to sell, cleaning, arranging items, and pricing. It has been a crazy, busy weekend and I am exhausted!

But even though we have been busy getting ready for our big sale and move. We did take time to relax a bit and just hang out with each other.

Thursday we went on a DC Cruise on the Potomac River to see the Monuments in the Moonlight. It was very relaxing, I placed my feet up and just sat back and watched the sights go by. 

Friday we went to the movie Midnight In Paris, Woody Allen's latest movie. It was sooo good! I recommend it to everyone. It made me smile in my heart and brain!

Watch the trailer!

Saturday we met our friends Betsy and Kenny in Chinatown for dinner. It was so good to see them, it had been far to long! We ate at one of Dave and I's favorite restaurants, Nando's. It is amazingly delicious Portuguese chicken with equal amazing sides. Plus the best side is that it is very reasonable priced, we got a whole chicken with to large sides for $23...I don't think you can beat that in DC!


Now I am off to pack for our mini vacation to the Horse Island! I am soo excited, this is the one place I have wanted to visit since we arrived in VA three years ago! Wild horses roam the island and beach..I am scared of horses (their are so beautiful and so powerful) but I can't wait to see them just walking about.   I can't wait to take pictures and show them to you all!

What are your plans for this week?

June 25, 2011

Mural Mural On the Wall

The Native People Our American Heritage 
by Lady Pink

This mural is right outside the Astoria subway stop. Lady Pink also has another mural on the other side of the street that touches on America history. I was told that Lady Pink changes both murals every 6 months! I love murals, what a great way to have art as part of the community. Maybe someday I can partake in painting one!

June 24, 2011

Subway Ride

I took a subway ride and it looked a little like this....

I keep falling more in love with this crazy,busy, hetic, city.