September 30, 2011

5TF: #3

1. I am addicted to Diet Pop....this is serious! Dave used to say that he would have to fill my IV when refilling my cup. My mom only drank Diet Coke, so I believe I gained my addiction from her. My favorite Diet Pop is Diet Coke Lime, I miss it sooo much since they don't have it in Australia. 

2. I am the youngest of three girls. I definitely have the youngest sibling persona, I love poking people until they get so fed up that they want to punch me....and then poking them once more for good measure. 

3. I already have my first girls and first boys names picked out (Grace Carolynn & Sean Burton) but still have to figure out when I want to have kids. I change my mind every week from wanting them right now to wanting them in two years. 

4.  My first concert was Alan Jackson in the 7th grade. I went with my sisters and their friends and thought I was the coolest 7th grader ever.  I still remember where our seats were, the vehicle we drove up to the concert in, and my sisters ditching me to get closer seats.

5. 13 Going On 30 is my feel good movie, I pop it in whenever I feel like poo. Im a sucker for silly chic movies that I should be to old to watch, plus Mark Ruffalo is soooooo cute!