November 1, 2011

.Lucky Lady.

I am one lucky lady, if I must say so. No, I don't really ever win contests or raffles, except for my senior prom after party. It was me who got to roll out of the bowling alley with a new mini fridge for college...that was the last time I have won a contest.

But I am lucky, because I have the opportunity to live here in Newcastle, Australia. And while living here I have the opportunity to not just go to the beach, soak up the sun, meet great people, BUT I get to start changes in my life. One of these changes is getting healthier, so I have started to run again.

I am a lucky lady because this is where I get to run:

Harbor , Nobby's Head, Newcastle Beach

Nobby's Head

Bar Beach

How can I not look forward to running when I get to see this beautiful landscape while doing so?

Seeing this beautiful shots of the town I call home, makes me feel like the luckiest girl!