February 8, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

I moved to Northern Virginia a year and a half ago from Southern Minnesota. I thought by moving a little more south, that the winters would be warmer with less snow. The first winter was just that and what a nice break it was from the below zero, windy, cold winters in MN. This year though, it feels like we are back in MN! This weekend we got 3 feet of snow in 36 hours, it was crazy. I didn't leave the house for over 48 hours, until I decided that it was to beautiful outside with the snow covering the trees and I couldn't let it go by. I love snow, I do..I just hate having to live with it, the driving, the shoveling, the me being cold..that I don't like. I do believe snow is one of the beautiful things that comes from the sky. Who doesn't love looking at trees that once were bare and ugly over night be transformed to beautiful, magical trees covered with glistening white snow. Snow can make anything look breathe taking. When I was young my mom told me that snow was God's dandruff...I laughed when she told me that. This weekend I giggled again thinking about how much dandruff God must have, maybe he needs some Head and Shoulders! Kids LOOOOVEEEE snow and living in VA they don't get to see it that much. This weekend it was great to hear their giggles when climbing upon little plow piles thinking they are kings of the world, sliding down the little mountain, to climb up and do it again. Think about how you were a little kid and a snow day was the best news you could receive on a winter morning. I loved playing in the snow, I have a permenant reminder with how I would play and play not caring if I was cold and needed to warm up. On the tip of one of my fingers I have a red spot from when my finger got frostbite from playing out to long in the snow with my wild imagination. Now as an adult I have to shovel the 3 ft and more away from my car and pray that the streets are plowed enough..but I still make sure to run around in the snow a bit, throw a few snowballs at an unexpecting husband or roommate, and make sure I never forget the joy it brought me as a child.