September 27, 2013

.life in iphone pics.

This is what I have been up to lately in life...according to my iphone..that is!

.corn art at Minnesota State Fair. 

.Hanson at Minnesota State Fair. 

.Zac Hanson (what a hunk) and I.

.my best friend got married.

.family movie night.

.morning walks.

.swing patrol.

.birthday girl.

.beautiful skyline.

.daddy's girl.

.sister time.

.stone arch bridge.

.fall is in the air.

.Maggie and Lily story time.

.Maggie and Lily at nap time.

.date night with Atlas Genius.

.Run Sho Run.

I feel like it's been ages since I talked with you all about running, I guess that is what happens when you take most of the summer off from blogging and running! I believe that last time we talked about running here on the blog was almost a year ago, after we finished our first marathon! What happened after the marathon was we took a few weeks off, and then that turned into taking the winter off (it's cold here in MN in the winter!), and then the spring, etc.

Actually, I did do some running in the spring, it just wasn't very much! During last spring I became a coach for a Girls on the Run (GOTR) team near my home. Each week we discussed different topics and practiced for a 5k! At the end of our time together, 10 weeks or so, the girls, friends, and coaches ran the 5k! It was a cold morning and the rain was pouring down on us, but it was the most fun I have ever had running 3 miles!! I loved cheering on the girls towards their goal and helping their parents accomplish the 5k as well!  Not only did I run the 5k with my own GOTR team, I also ran the 5k for GOTR in Mankato, MN. I ran this race last year with my sister and we did it again, hopefully we continue the tradition! The best part of this race was girls had their names on the back of their shirts so you could personally cheer them on when you were running past them! Of course, I gave some people shout outs because it is a big deal that they are pushing themselves and becoming healthy!(kato time: 34min.)

In June Dave and I ran a half marathon with my friend Jenna (we ran our first half with her last year!). We ran the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth, MN which is partners with the popular Grandma's Marathon. As typcial Shoave fashion, we didn't train as much as we should have..but we did it!! The morning of the race was crazy foggy, you literally couldn't see your hand in front of your face! The race course is beautiful, for most of the run you are alongside Lake Superior...the only thing was you couldn't really see it with all the fog!! My favorite part though was watching runners in front of me just disappear into the fog like they got swallowed up, it literally looked like a movie! This half marathon has been my favorite so far, due to the wonderful atmosphere and energy. You have people alongside the course the whole time cheering you on, giving you beer (yes, my husband did a beer shot, a small beer bong, AND drank a smoothie during the race...and they were all from strangers!),and playing great music. I even made a friend on the race course who was running the race for the 22nd time! She watched the first ever Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon and decided she could do it, so she has every year since!! What a great inspiration! Our time wasn't that great: 2hr 48min due to elements out of our control, but we had fun and we finished, which I think is the most important!

After the half marathon I took a step back in my running and only did it from time to time. A month went by and I decided I needed to do another race AND I found one a few blocks away from my apartment AND it supported Girls on the Run!!!! Bonus: I knew a friend who was running it! The race was Esprit de She, which is a running series with Athleta and Lifetime Fitness. I can't begin to tell you how great it felt to be surrounded by 1,000 women who were there to support each other, run a race, have fun, and give a few bucks to an organization I hold dear to my heart! The fun thing is after you run your race, they give you free bubbly and the local stores give you good discounts!!!  (time: 32:01)

Last but not least, I just ran my latest 5k in September! This one, oh, this one I HIGHLY recommend if you live in Minneapolis!!! It was the O'Donovan's Mill City Suds Run in Northeast Minneapolis and it was a blast! I have never done a "fun run" before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was a lot of people, mostly dressed in fun costumes who were ready to run and drink beer...which was served at mile 2 and afterwards! My favorite costume was a group of friends dressed up as mario cart characters who ran to the theme music trying to crash and pop the others "life" balloons! They were having so much fun you couldn't help but smile! After the 5k you could grab your bbq lunch and more beer (or root beer) and join the party on Boom Island! The course was beautiful, the atmosphere was electric, and I would do this race again without hesitation! (3.37 miles: 35 min 33 sec.)

.can't have a Suds run without Suds.


Since the middle of October I have ran FOUR (4) 5ks , ONE (1) half marathon and currently am training for another half marathon next month.  When I first started this post, I truly didn't think I ran very much this last year but when I reflect on it, I feel different. It may not be what I wanted to do or as much as others do, but you know what I RAN five races this year as well as putting miles in for training and for fun! That is something to be proud of and gosh darn it, I AM!!!!

* Wanna know something exciting!!! Soon, I'm going to take the time and tell you ALL about Girls on the Run and what it means to me!!!  I'm already so excited about it!!!!!