May 31, 2012

.going home.

When I was little, I grew up on a farm. It was actually the same farm that my grandpa grew up on and my mom grew up on, I was pretty lucky. I loved growing up there; running around outside all day long, swimming in the ditch, checking in on the animals, and letting my imagination run wild. I LOVED that place. It was a sad day in fifth grade when my parents divorced and my dad got the farm, the rest of us were city bound (wellll..10,000 people was a city to me!).   

My old farm place is now in foreclosure. The people who my dad sold it to years ago trashed the place that I loved. They never painted the inside or outside, they didn't use our garden or our pastures, they didn't love it.  My sisters and I had the opportunity to look at our "home" one last time before it may be gone forever. Even though it was tough to see it in the condition it is in now, it was still great to say goodbye.  I got to share memories with Dave while showing him where things took place and tell stories to my niece about her mom ( like the one time she made me slide down the hallway and I cracked my head). 

While we were are the farm I took some pictures that I may submit to Dear Photograph. I still haven't figured out which photo I will submit....maybe I will submit each one at different times!

* don't mind the nudity, I was a free spirit*

This one is my favorite! 
We used to stand on the register in the morning to warm up. 
Back then it felt sooo it seems sooo small!!

I may not be able to go "home" again, but I will always have the memories!