April 10, 2011

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Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. ENJOY!!

Ben Rector; opening up for Matt Wertz

Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

Roses from the wonderful husband

DC United and David Beckham!

We LOVE Seinfeld!

DC Kite Festival

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Well..Hello There!

This is a quick update on the CRAZY, BUSY, STRESSFUL week I have had..hence no posts in  awhile. The last two weeks have been the craziest professional days for me ever! They truly have been a learning experience and now that I have had time to catch my breathe, I am grateful for the crazy days because I have learned a lot professionally and personally. I have been putting in long hours with a group of very dedicated students! We have had 5 hours meetings lasting until 11p.m., I have talked to them from a pay phone in the metro station, we have handled situations that have occurred in the past, and our little group grew into a family! It was great to see how the students worked together making tough decisions. I was also able to learn by observing staff above me handle different situations, which is always a treat for new professional growing in their field. So even though I had worked over 50 hours in 4 1/2 days last week, I still love my job and am able to reflect on the development that occurred and why I am in the field that I am.

But work hasn't been all that I have been up to! Dave and I have been able to see a great concert by Matt Wertz and Ben Rector, we were judges for Greek Week synchronized swimming (sooo cool and loud!), we saw the Cherry Blossoms in DC, we watch 127 hours, went to a DC united game, and now are headed to the  Kite Festival! I'm glad I have a husband that appreciates the need for me to have balance outside my work and helps me come up with things for us to do!

 Pics will be posted soon to show you all the cool stuff we have been able to do these last two crazy weeks!