January 1, 2012


My head and heart are getting ready for some grouplovin' in Sydney on Tuesday night! 

Yep, that is right! Dave and I will be heading to our first concert of 2012 on Jan. 3rd and it will be an AMAZING one! The Head and The Heart will be opening up for Grouplove at the Factory Theatre here in Sydney and we are going!!! EEEEPPPP! This is an amazing Chrissy pressie from Dave! I have been getting ready all weekend by playing their albums and dancing around. The two albums are very different but each great in their own way! 

I've made a little playlist of 5 of my favorite songs from each group. This way you can enjoy a little concert by yourself, jam along with me, or just listen to some great music! Oh, I hope you like it as much as I do! 

What do you think? 
Which song do you keep playing on repeat?