September 23, 2011

FTF: Five Things Friday

1. I used to have a Dalmatian named Pepper. My sisters and I were in love with the movie 101 Dalmatians growing up, so what a surprise it was to actually get one!

2. I absolutely hate little noises such as people sniffling, tapping there fingers, scratching, little beep beeps, etc. They drive me mad and I will hurt someone if necessary to make the noise stop!

3. My favorite ice-cream is Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Fro-Yo. I eat this by the pint load...I know it's not good for me but it's like Pringels once I start I just can't stop.

4. I have brown hair with natural red tints from the sun. I have grown to love my hair color but when I was in high school I dreamt about having rich red hair....but then someone told me if I didn't keep up red it would be orange soon. I'm not one for keeping up on things so it never really happened.

5. Speaking of Disney movies ( #1 todays list), my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle have brown hair BUT she loves to read, she won my heart right away. Actually she stole it from Ariel and I never went back, leaving Prince Eric behind as well.