April 19, 2012

.Around the Apartment: Cameras.

So it was been officially 2 months since we have settled down into our apartment here in Minneapolis. It took a while but finally we are all done unpacking, hanging up pictures, and putting the knick knacks in just the right place.

I'm excited to share with you different part of our apartment and decor through the new segment; Around the Apartment! The first up is one of my favorite things we have, my collection of old cameras. 

I bought my first two older cameras (2nd & 3rd pictures) in an antique store in Brooklyn, NYC. Now whenever I go into an antique store I always search for more cameras to buy, if I see one I just HAVE to have it. It amazes me how brilliant people were back in the day to create such a wonderful piece of technology and create beautiful photos. 

As you can see, I have displayed my cameras by placing them in different areas of the house. I have them all in places that I look at everyday so I can see them and love on them. I love using the cameras to break up areas such as books and dvds. Why not place all the things you love together? They can all hang out and talk about how cool you are ..well...if items could talk.

I have to be honest, I only know how to use one of these cameras...the film one from the 90s (difficult one, right!).  I love using it from time to time especially to take black and white photos of everyday activities. My goal within the next few years/life time is to learn how to use every camera I own. If I can't learn how to use it I want to learn more about it's history and how others used it back in the day!

I am SOOO excited to share of our home with you guys. I will be featuring things such as vintage suitcases, family history, traveling love, and MORE! 

If you want to see something or have any questions, let me know! I love talking with peeps!!