March 9, 2012

What We Wore: Target Edition

Dave and I were running errands the other day and figured why not take some outfit pictures. We actually had a really fun time taking pictures with people looking at us like we are weird! It's nothing new for us, we get those looks ALLLL the time!!

Also, did you know that Target was founded in Minnesota? Yep, it's one of the MANY companies started in this wonderful state.  Ask all my previous students and they can now list at least 3 MN companies!

(Sorry my face is blurry, but you get the whole effect in this one)

I love all the wonderful bright colors of nail polish!
I don't really paint my nails, but I may now do it ALL the time.

What a stud, huh?

What we Wore:
shirt: Avella :: pants: Merona
cardigan: Mossimo :: shoes: Xhiliration
scarf: Charlotte Russe 

shirt: Merona :: pants: Merona
Jacket: Old Navy :: shoes: Target

The funny thing is when at Target, 
our outfits were mostly Target branded!!!