November 6, 2011

.Aussie Signage.

Before we left for our adventure Down Under, we got this great travel book (its soo good, that we actually have two of them! ):

The book is filled with pages that have you document things that you might not have thought about while traveling. For example: there is a page that tells you to shoot photos from the hip height for the day, to purchase an ordinary kitchen item that you will use when you go home, to ask people you meet to draw you a map to a place they love in the neighborhood, etc. 

I am going to try and document some of the pages that we complete in the book, so everyone can share in the fun and adventure.  Today's entry is based on page that reads:
" Choose a particular subject matter for your trip and search for traces of it."


As you may have guessed our subject matter is : SIGNAGE

These are signs that have caught our eye on being a little different than the signs that we have at home in the states! Dave has named the Crosswalk signs as 'The Ska Man' and then at times proceeds to dance his way across the street. 

Stay tuned for the next entry which will be based off of writing SHOAVE on a map and discovering where our name takes us!