August 13, 2011

Welcome to Oz!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Dave and I have been in Australia for almost a week, and it has been unbelievable! It feels like we have been here longer, Newcastle is starting to feel like home. Newcastle is a city without really being a city, if that is even possible. It is the 2nd largest city in New South Wales, after Sydney, and 2nd oldest in Australia. It is a city that was built by the hardest convicts sent over by Britain, something that the people embrace. The city is industrial at one end and then six blocks up it's a relaxed ocean city. Newcastle has beautiful beaches; Nobby's Beach & Newcastle Beach, a great artist scene, beautiful parks, and much more we still have to discover.

Dave and I have walked around most of the city, taking in the different cafes, local shops, ocean views, and friendly smiles. We even grabbed the train and bus to check out the local areas. You actually have to take a bus ride for 35 min. to get to a computer store  or bigger clothing store, this took me as have to travel outside of the city to get to a computer store! It took awhile, but this place has started to grow on us. We decided that this could be a place for us and luckily we were able to find a fully furnished apartment that was in our price range. Our new apartment is just two blocks from Darby St., which is the artist area and has great little shops, restaurants, etc, close to the art gallery, and library. We are also only a 10 min. walk from the grocery store and outdoor mall, the only downside is walking up the STEEPEST HILL EVER back up to our apt.  Something pretty interesting is that in our little apartment complex is that it houses 9 other Americans, mostly students from Wisconsin who are attending University (Uni)!  Maybe Dave and I will meet them and have a MidWest Meet Up Down Under!

Language Differences:
University = Uni
Thank You = Ta
Great = Ripper
Breakfast = Brekkie
Elevator = Lift
Garbage = Rubbish
McDonalds = Mackers
To Go = Takeaway