March 22, 2010

Everyday Should Be Laundry Day

When I lived in a middle sized town in Southern Minnesota I had to do my laundry at one of the local laundry mats. Laudry is one of my favorite chores to do, I find it relaxing to seperate the clothes, move them from the washer to dryer and lastly folding them. It's a chore that when at a laundry mat, can take a whole day..and I'm fine with that. Cause it gives you the time to slow things down for a while while the clothes are doing their thing in the great inventions of washers and dryers. Dave and I would always bring a book to read, he would walk over to Jimmy Johns get us something to eat, I would start the laundry, we would eat and then we would kick up our feet and indulge in reading. There aren't many other chores that give us this opportunity to get some accomplished while relaxing and enjoying our time. I was drawn to the old seventys decor in the laundry mat, I loved it! It became my favorite place because of the old wallpaper, the feeling of lonelines and despair, yet it was a place that was almost occupied by at least on person. When at the laundry mat you never knew what you might encounter. I met many different people in the laundry mat, from the college couple who instead of reading a book thought it would be better to make out in the corner to the Sundanese girl named Akelah, but everyone called her Saturday...she had a cousin named Friday or to the older man on business who offers you $10 to fold his laundry when its dry..and when finished you sneak the $10 bill back into his laundry because your mom taught you to help others in need. I only used the laundry mat for a year, but it was where I spent almost every other Saturday or Sunday and for some strange reason it will always be one of my favorite things in town. I loved it so much, from the feeling to the decorations, that we took some of our engagement pictures there!