September 12, 2011

Ozzie 101


Language Differences (we have heard thus far):

Manchester: Bedding Items
Car Park: Parking Lot
Fair Dinkum: Honest/Real
Salvos: Salvation Army Store
Post: Post Office
Scratchie: Scratch Off
Ambos: Paramedics
Muzos: Musicians
Arvo: Afternoon
Daggers: Granny Panties
Newy: Newcastle
Chooks: Chickens
Novocastrians: Natives of Newcastle
Nipper: Little Kid
Nappies: Diapers
Poms: English people
Yanks: Americans
Brizzie: Brisbane
Cover - Insurance
Ute - Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Another small list is here!

More to come once we hear them (and remember to write them down)!

Favorite Photos of Last Week

Hey everyone! I am hoping to start a weekly (fingers crossed) post with some of my favorite pictures taken during the week before. This way I truly reflect on the pictures Dave and I took during the week and the memories that are associated with them. Hopefully I will be able to share a little bit more of who I am and the memories that we are creating while here in Australia.

Without further ado, here are my favorite pictures from the Week of September 4th:

Nights spent on the couch with our blankets

Dave likes to take pictures of me taking pictures.
 This is the first time I have actually liked the picture he took!

This picture captures how relaxing and calm the Chinese gardens are. 

This makes me giggle out loud.

Dave wanted to do a puzzle...and Bieber it was!

In memory of those we have loved and have lost.

All you have to do is walk through.

These were my favorite flowers while at the garden.

Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful.