September 12, 2011

Ozzie 101


Language Differences (we have heard thus far):

Manchester: Bedding Items
Car Park: Parking Lot
Fair Dinkum: Honest/Real
Salvos: Salvation Army Store
Post: Post Office
Scratchie: Scratch Off
Ambos: Paramedics
Muzos: Musicians
Arvo: Afternoon
Daggers: Granny Panties
Newy: Newcastle
Chooks: Chickens
Novocastrians: Natives of Newcastle
Nipper: Little Kid
Nappies: Diapers
Poms: English people
Yanks: Americans
Brizzie: Brisbane
Cover - Insurance
Ute - Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Another small list is here!

More to come once we hear them (and remember to write them down)!

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