July 16, 2011

Road Trip Playlist

Dave and I make our 22 hr cross country road trip from NOVA to MN in T minus 4 days! Everyone knows when you head on a road trip you need a great road trip mix. I have been thinking about this mix probably longer than I should and probably should be spending my time packing, but I believe that this is also very important and it sure beats packing!

Currently I have 73 songs selected for my road trip playlist, which adds up to 4.6 hours. Here are some of the songs that I can't wait to listen to on our drive:

1. Australia - Science with Girls
2. Bicycle Race - Queen
3. Shell Games - Bright Eyes
4. Houdini - Foster The People
5. Helena Beat - Foster The People
6. Lover I Don't Have To Love - Bright Eyes
7.Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine
8. Thriller/ Heads Will Roll - GLEE Cast
9.Give A Little - Hanson
10. On Road Again - Willie Nelson
11. Baby - The Beibs
12.To Be With You - Mr. Big
13. My Body - Young the Giant
14. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
15. Blankest Year - Nada Surf

What songs do you like for your Road Trip playlists?
Any great suggestions?

OOTW: Week #4

This past week has been crazy! We spent the time living out of our suitcases, spending 3 days here and then 3 days there...and then to come home to a broken washer. Eeeckkk....we reported it two days ago but it's still not fixed. It will be interesting to see what outfits I pull out of my hat this upcoming week, since most of my clothes are being packed for Australia. 

Here are a few of the outfits I did wear this week (when I decided to get out of my comfy packing clothes):

Shirt and Skirt: Old Navy Shoes: Target
I love my new skirt - only $9! Whooott

Shirt and Shorts: Target
Dress and Cardigan: Target

Dress: Old Navy, Shirt: Lane Bryant Shoes: Urban Outfitters

What is your favorite item to wear in the summer?
Mine are easy to wear shoes - I tend to only wear two pairs the whole summer!