September 6, 2011

Lovin This Song...

This is one of my favorite songs right now, I can't get it out of my head...and I am perfectly fine with that!

Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye

Gotye is a Belgian Australian artist who released his first album back in 2001, and has recently released his third album. Somebody That I Used to Know has become a HUGE hit for him, maybe the biggest he has had! You can find this song on his newest album, Making Mirrors (which I have read is suppose to be really good!). I don't know about you but as soon as I heard this song I logged on to YouTube and listened to some of his other songs. I love when you find something you like so much that you instantly want to know more about the artist and what other things they have released. I hope you get the same feelings as I did! 

OOW: Bright Apples & Colors

Two new outfits in one week, maybe I am starting to slowly get out of my rut of dreariness! 

Last Friday the hubs and I went on a little trip to Nelson Bay, NSW to go whale watching and sandboarding. During our little break between the two activities we looked around in a few shops for a sweatshirt because I was chilled from the very cold ocean wind. Instead of finding a sweatshirt, I found this cool shirt.

This shirt really isn't my current style, but I thought it was really cute and unusual. So in the spirit of trying out new things, I went ahead and purchased it. I thought heck it's only $11, I might as well try to push myself in the name of fashion. 

When I put it on for the first time, I thought I had wasted my $11(I'm really not that great with change). But then I thought it is nothing that a cardigan can't fix and bring together..this my friends is why I am madly in love with cardigans!
Shirt: Nothing over $22, cardigan & pants: Target, Shoes: Vans

When paired with my black pants, black cardigan, and the ever worn gray vans I finally felt that I could pull of this shirt and not look like a huge dork! I must say, I actually really like it!!

A few days later with the sun shining down I was in the need to wear some more bright colors (and a dress).

Dress: Lane Bryant  Tank Top: Old Navy

So I grabbed my favorite dress, which I have worn many many times before, and a bright colored tank top. Under this dress I usually just wear a black lace tank top, because lets get honest it's the two colors are beautiful classics and you can never go wrong with them!  

Necklace: Crave Jewelry 

But I am now officially in love with this color combo! I love the bright colors and that it is not a typical color scheme I would wear. I foresee the near spring and summer will be seeing this combo more than once! I might just save the black tank top for more dress up occasions and wear the teal one for a fun day look. 

...a little extra...

shirt: George Mason University  Cardigan& Shorts: Target
It is back to school time at home and in honor of this I wore my Mason shirt. I worked at Mason for three years and always loved when the students came back from summer vacation filling the campus with their energy. University Life is my calling and I feel blessed to work with students and help shape their futures! (p.s. notice the bright colored cardigan...if you haven't guessed it is finally spring in Australia!)

pleated poppy