September 17, 2011

HANSON - let the screaming begin

Friday I mentioned how these cuties have grown into handsome devils! Along with many other girls I have loved them since MMMBOP, growing up Zac Hanson could do no wrong in my eyes. Now as an adult, well in age at least, I still madly love HANSON. While growing up (and losing their long hair) , their music style has also grown with them. Their album Shout It Out is great, filled with sing a long songs where you can dance in your car and have fun.

This is one of my favorite songs off the Shout It Out album. So give it a listen and don't resist the urge to dance around the room and shake your hips!

P.S. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live...DO IT! Not only will you be surprised my the vast amount of people there, how darn good looking the guys are, but also by how much fun you will have at a HANSON concert! 

What is "Cool"?

Has there ever been a time in your life when your mind keeps thinking about one certain thing, and then BAM it feels like the whole world knows exactly what you are thinking and you find meaning in the most random places? 

This is exactly what happened: One night I talked to Dave about how I say the word "cool" way too much and I don't even know what the definition is or why I feel a need to be "cool". The next day I pick up an issue of Frankie (issue 40: March/April 2011) in the library and inside is the article, What Is "Cool"? in which four writers gave their opinions on this crazy word we all try to be.   
This is what I learned from the article (which I recommend reading):

Marieke Hardy (writer) : Cool is not giving a SHIT. It's all about the attitude, doing what you want and not really caring how others view it.   I find this to be extremely difficult, I for some reason care what everyone thinks and if they think I am trying to hard...which I may be because I don't have the confidence to pull things off.  I at times have to remind myself that I don't know anyone here and what would be the big deal if someone didn't like what I was doing or wearing. 

Justin Heazlewood (writer): Cool has for so long been exploited as a social currency, forcing youth to play off against each other, that it's wise to take it with a grain of organic sea salt.  He also states,  that it is a superficial class divide, based on popularity rather than material wealth.  Oh, Justin! How I love that you stated this little bit of truth that I definitely needed to hear!

Caro Cooper (writer): Cool is entirely indefinable, relative, and transient. What is cool to one person is not always going to be to another person, plus what is cool now won't be cool again until rediscovered by our grandchildren.  In the end, when all is said and done most people are still cool to someone.  This makes me say, HELLO!?!? Really, why do I want to be "cool" so the end it doesn't matter, plus I hopefully will always be cool to my nieces and nephews. I should be more focused on how the people who love me see me than how strangers view me. 

All in all, "cool" is defined by really however you want to define it. I need to stop looking outwards for a definition and search inwards more. I need to gain confidence in myself, not care what strangers think, and try to be a role model for others. I can be cool because I'm goofy, I like music, I dance silly dances, and I am unashamed (at times) for who I am. Personally I think those are better reasons for being "cool" than wearing the right clothes, going to the right clubs, or knowing the newest indie bands. 

"Cool is such an abstract noun, asking for a definition is like asking Mary Poppins to explain what it feels like to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."
- Caro Cooper