October 3, 2011

#1: Get Healthy...

Recently I shared my list of What I Want...Personal and that I was going to work on a few things from this list.  With every item on my What I Want List I have a counterpart on my How I Will Achieve List.

The first thing I want to Achieve is: Get Healthy and Feel Comfortable with My Body.  This will help achieve the points - Dress the way I want to, Feel comfortable with my body, and Get Healthy. These are all big things for me and things that I feel will help guide the rest of my journey.

How do I plan on achieving this:
  • Create Exercise Plan: get active at least 30 min., 5 days a week
  • Keep Daily Log of Food: no lying, cheating, nothing but complete honesty
  • Begin lowering my pop intake and increasing my water intake.
  • Cook one new healthy meal a week: making it fun and educational
  • Create list (Top 10) reasons why I want to be healthy
  • Keep Body Journal: each week (or day) write something positive about my body
  • Create small list of rewards for goal met
Getting healthy is something I struggle with, I do it and then fall back to my old ways again when times get tough. Its been over a year since I would say I was healthy, I was the healthiest around May 2010. I loved the way I felt, I want that back sooo bad. So now, I am off to get that feeling back again, where I love shopping for clothes, and most importantly whenI feel like I can do it all.

So I ask a favor from you, will you help keep me accountable? 
I know I need it to be a successful, 
so this is me reaching out to you to help me make it possible.