January 19, 2012

stay tuned...


oh my! I know it has been SUPER DUPER LONG TIME since I last posted....and I don't feel good about it either. Things have been cr-azy here in Shoave Town! The past month has been filled with working, packing, entertaining the pops, planning a crazy journey, and traveling.

Currently, I am sitting in a YHA (youth hostel) lounge with a strange boy next me journaling (..aahhh) in Canberra, Australia while the movie 4 Brothers (Marky Mark and Andre 3000) blasts from the tv room.  Oh the joy of hostels! To be honest with you, the hostels with YHA are great! Dave and I stayed in them a lot while traveling and we love them. They even have some in the USA so we might have to check them out next time when we take trips in the states. Tomorrow we are off to Sydney for the night before we head up the east coast of Australia.

Due to the crazy travel schedule and the lack of funds to pay for constant internet...posts may be few for the next few weeks. However, it will all be worth the wait..I promise! I have GREAT ideas for the blog and future posts! I'm super excited to write them and I wish I could do it all right now..but this lady is getting older and tires way easier than in her younger years.

Stay posted and I will make sure it is worth your wait!