October 31, 2011

Favorite Photos of Last Week

Dave always makes me take looking away pictures.. 
I am in love with this outfit..I felt so pretty all day!

Pretty end to the day

See..another look away picture..it makes me giggle

reminds of of Chantilly, VA!

This made me giggle and then think of my hippy friend, Karen! 
Such beautiful flowers and terrace.

The movement is spreading..

Heres to another great week behind us
and another one in front of us!

.Graveyard Beauties.

Happy Halloween!!!

Since Halloween is the season for haunted houses, scaring the bee jesus out of others, and ghost stories I thought I would put up some pictures to paint the background to your scary night. I love walking in graveyards, looking at all the old headstones and thinking about what people's lives might have been like. However, I don't think I could walk in these graveyards at night, I would run like crazy, screaming into the night  after the first snap of a twig or howl from a neighboring cat. 

Have a SPOOKYly great Halloweeen!