June 18, 2012

.running with a roll.

Just a little quick note: I am nervous about this post. I'm going to show you something I haven't really shown before on the blog. Soooo....if you don't want to see a little rolly polly...you may not want to look, but if you want honesty, read on my sisters!

This is what I look like when I usually post running pictures:

You get to see my running gear (proof that I ran!) and they are usually only from the waist up. This is what I feel comfortable with because it doesn't show it all...it keeps my "bad area(s)" hidden. But is it real? Not entirely, it hides a part of me and it puts out an image that is comfortable but not entirely the full picture. 

The other day when we ran 8 miles, I wore the exact outfit that you see above. It was the first time I wore this shirt because even though it fits okay, it is a little tight in the stomach area. It hugs in all the places that probably nobody wants to see, but I felt like it was a great fit for running. The shirt doesn't flop around, it stays put, it's a light color and wicks away the sweat (a must for our humid summers).  

This is the TRUE image of what I look like when running:

I know, I know you may be thinking ohhhhh...she is over reacting, everyone has rolls. I agree almost everyone does have rolls, the thing is that majority of us try to hide them. I am one of those woman, I don't like my roll coming out to say hello. I like it to be nice and hidden behind a cute shirt, tank, or dress. But, it's there, it's part of me, I don't hate it.

Yesterday while running I was a little self conscious. I kept thinking my roll was bouncing around with each step I took. When running I usually find myself pulling at my shirt to make sure it's not hugging me in the tum tum area. But with this shirt, I didn't tug at it once...I felt like, "WORLD, this is me running with my roll!" I started owning it and didn't think about my roll as a negative thing anymore. It became more of an encouragement, I reminded myself that people who see me might see me as an inspiration, thinking if she can do that..maybe I could to0. Maybe someone would take their next steps to walking more, starting to jog, or thinking about it.  And if anyone had anything bad to say about my roll all I can say is, " I am running 8 miles!" Not everyone can do it, but me and my roll......we got this!!!!