September 21, 2013

.bachelorette party.

As you can probably tell from the shouldn't read this...and you may not want to because there may be a pictures of some shaped items. BUUUUTTTTT...I held my very first bachelorette party last month for one of my very best friends and it was so much fun!  If you don't know, I love planning events, even though I usually get stressed out about it, I love doing events.....therefore I wanted to make this bachelorette party special!

We are a low key group of girls, so I didn't want to go all out crazy but keep it simple, pretty, and a tad classy. The bride to be loves Barbie, so I knew that had to be part of the party in some way.

I decorated using lots of tissue poms from the ceiling to help create a cozy and pretty sitting area. I also used a lot of pink and complimentary colors to brighten the space up. We started the night with appetizers, drinks, and some games. One of the games included Pinning the Macho on Ken, which was a hit!

We continued the night out in Uptown, a popular area in Minneapolis where we had a great dinner at Chino Latino and drinks at the bride to be's favorite spots. After a great night out we came back to my house to talk and fall fast asleep. Before each lady left the next morning they got a Bachelorette Survival Kit to help recover from the night before. 

The Survival Kit included: Barbie ban-aids, hair ties, chips, bottle of water, sunglasses, pair of socks, advil, hand sanitizer, gum and Barbie kleenexes. 

The Survival Kits were a hit!! I know that I used some parts of mine the next morning while I passed my day away on the couch recovering!!