February 7, 2012

Shoave In the City: Sydney Edition

Dave and I have this great travel journal that gives you ideas on how to explore in a way that get you to really know the culture of where you are. I must admit we didn't use it as much as I hoped, but we got this great idea from it.

We took a map of Sydney and we wrote our name, Shoave, throughout the streets and then walked the route. It was so fun to discover a part of Sydney that we wouldn't have done as just a regular tourist. Here is our little journey letter by letter.

Chambers St: New South Wales railroad mural

Randell St. Alley: Old ad on building

Elizabeth Street: Chantilly sign..made me think of Chantilly, VA!

Terry Street: Occupy Wall Street is WorldWide 

Cnr Foveaux St & Bellevue: Delicious Mexican Restaurant

Wrong Way: Riley Street & Lt. Collin St.: Oh the hippies!

Wrong Way: Riley St & Lt. Collin St: beautiful colors

Right Way: Riley Street: Blue Metal Wall

Friztlay Street: Blue House on the Cnr

Lt. Riley Street: Spanish Influence

Waterloo St: Shoave
Albion Street: Buddhist Temple
Crown Street: No shirt, No pants, No problem

Crown St: Holy Kitsch! LOVE this store!!
Riley Street: Purple and Red
Campbell Street: Red Door

Oxford Street: V for VICTORY!
End of our Shoave walk

I recommend doing this in your own city. 
You might even discover something new!